Sunday Morning Process

Facilities Manager- Will ensure that the building is clean, bathrooms are cleaned and stocked, tables and rooms are set-up, the outside appearance is properly manicures, etc

*________will ensure that the church doors are open by ______

Parking lot/security- They will work the flow of incoming and outgoing traffic. They will ensure that proper parking spots are reserved for guest. They will assist anyone needing physical assistance getting into the building. They will watch the parking lot for any suspicious activity. 

They will watch for suspicious activity inside the church. They will be unidentified individuals. They will also walk to ensure that all doors that should be locked inside the building that should be locked are locked. 

Greeters- Will be the first point of contact(Greet) once members, visitors and guest enter into the church. They will provide them with visitors forms. They will have them complete the form before entering into the sanctuary. They will inform guest and visitors of nursery,children church and restroom location. They will help facilitate the flow of traffic to nursery & children church. They will ensure that individual only enter nursery and children’s church through the designated entrance, which is the table next to the copy machine. They will make sure that individuals do not enter through doors that should be locked. The doors have signs on them. 

Ushers- Ushers will greet members, guest and visitors into the sanctuary. They will ensure that everyone has a program, envelope and guest card if they did not receive one from the greeters. Usher will collect the guest cards in the offering from those that completed them at their seats. Usher will be responsible for passing out any relevant information and they will collect offering. 

A designee will be responsible for collecting the headcount each Sunday and providing the number to the clerk. The headcount should include congregation, pulpit, choir and musicians and ushers.

Media- They will ensure that all content is on the powerpoint before Sunday School lets out . They will test all mics and sound and will ensure the appropriate people are mic’d.

Deacon and Mother- Baptism Sundays-They will ensure that the baptism pool is ready and that they get the candidates to the back in a timely fashion. Communion - They will ensure that communion and feet washing items are ready.

Choir/Musician- They will ensure during their time in the fellowship hall that members, visitors or guest do not enter/exit the nursery/children’s church  through the fellowship hall.They will usher the presence of the Lord in through song and worship. 

Ministers- They will pray with the choir before services begin. They will provide faith counseling to those that give their life to Christ and then they will direct them to the New Member for more information.

Finance Team- They will be responsible for counting and recording offerings received. They will also drop the bank bag off after service.

Clerk- The clerk will collect the headcount of Sunday attendance from the designated usher. 

New Member Team- They will be available after service to discuss becoming a member of St. Mark and collecting information from those that have joined.

Nurses Station- They will be available to assist anyone that has a medical emergency. 

Trustees- They will ensure that all lights are off, doors are locked and secured at the end of service. 

Transportation- They will be responsible for transporting those in need of transportation.