We envision people of all ages and backgrounds experiencing the love of God in community and expressing the love of God through service and outreach to our community.

Core Beliefs

Fervent Prayer

Prayer is our communication with God and our humble acknowledgement that we are completely dependent on the love and grace of God. Prayer not only includes our speech to God but also God’s response to us.  We are committed to fostering atmospheres that incorporates the spiritual discipline of prayer throughout our congregation.

Authentic Worship

True worship expresses adoration and reverence to God. As we worship, we bring our lives into the submission of a Glorious God which allows us to see both God and ourselves clearer.   We believe we are created, called, and compelled to worship. We are committed to creating spaces for public and corporate worship that allow diversity of expression and thanksgiving.

Biblical Preaching

We believe that God’s Word is our chief authority and the nourishment for our spiritual hunger. Our Preaching aims to expose truth, explain scripture, and implant the gospel in the heart of every hearer so that they might experience the Love of Christ. We are committed to submitting our lives to the authority of scripture and the power of the preached Word.

Practical Teaching

We believe that God has not only given us his word for our heart and head, but also for our Hand. Scripture shapes our habits and guides our practice. We are committed to applying scripture to our daily lives and to the issues of world around us.

Radical Hospitality

We believe we are called to follow Jesus’ example of gathering and welcoming people into the body of Christ. .Jesus’ example of hospitality demands an unceasingly invitational posture that we carry with us into our world of work and leisure and into our practice of neighborliness and community service. We are committed to intentionally including the overlooked, the less fortunate, and those outside the community of faith.

Healthy Relationships

We believe God has blessed us with the gift of relationships so that we might grow and practice our faith. All of our relationships give testimony to our relationship with God. We commit to practicing Christ Centered relationships within and outside the church.  Relationships are the core of our congregational care, discipleship, outreach, and evangelism strategies. We are committed to creating environments where young and old, rich and poor, and others who are normally strangers in the world, can foster relationships through Christ.

Selfless Service

We believe God has shaped us to serve.  When we serve, we bless others; we are blessed; and we fulfill one of God’s purposes for our life. Being a part of God’s family means we are committed to serve together.  God has something for everyone to do in His family.  Whatever way we serve God, we do it with passion and excellence because we should always give our best for God. We are committed to creating service opportunities and helping people find areas to serve both in our congregation and in our community.

Core Values


We value teams over individuals. We believe that the greatness of the gospel is displayed in the power of the team. Just as Christ chose people from different walks of life we believe that the work of God is best done together.  We are all members of one body and seek to accomplish God's plan together. 

1 Corinthians 12:1-31 

Ecclesiastes 3:9-12


We value people over programs. The church is only alive when it is living to reach new people for Christ. In the midst of an ever-changing world we are willing to adapt our practices and methods in order to reach the world with the gospel.  We do not change to be like the world, we change to effectively reach the world with the gospel. 

1 Corinthians 9:19-23


We value becoming over learning. Accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior is only the beginning of our faith journey. Discipleship is a process of becoming better follower of Christ. We believe that every believer is called to be a disciple and to make disciples. This desires not only fuels our sharing of the gospel but also informs everything we do as a church. Our discipleship process involves three areas- connecting, growing, and serving. 

Matthew 28:19-20


We value quality over quantity. We represent God in all that we do. So both as individuals and as a church, we desire to do our best for God and for people. We know we will not be able to do everything and we are ok with that. Excellence is going the extra mile on even the smallest journeys. 

Colossians 3:23-24

Ecclesiastes 9:10


We value making a difference over making money. God has made us stewards of people, time and resources. We desire to be good stewards of the people God sends to our church by valuing all generations and genders and by equipping our congregation to serve according to their unique SHAPE. We desire to good stewards of time by being timely and not overloading individuals with responsibility. We desire to be a good stewards of our resources by giving generously to the work of the church and our community. 

1 Peter 5:10

community partnerships

We value serving over being served. We will do our best to be constantly aware of and meet the needs of our community. When possible, we will support others that are doing work that we are not called to do. 

James 2:14-17