The page is designed to inform those that are new to St. Mark on how to get involved.

Please watch this video for a quick message from Pastor Chester.

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If you are interested in connecting to St. Mark as a member please fill out the form below. A member of the member team will be in contact with you to further discuss your membership. 



We are excited that you have decided to give your life to Christ. Please complete the attached form if you are requesting to be Baptized. A mandatory orientation will be held before the actual Baptism to further inform you on what is expected on that day and beyond. 



Communion is special meal that believers share in memory of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is composed of bread and grape juice that symbolize his body that was broken for us and his blood that was shed for us. 

New Members are asked to join Pastor Chester at the front on the center pew the 2nd Sunday following when you join, so that he can personally serve your first communion. Pastor Chester will give further instructions on that day when to come forward. This includes children that have been recently baptized.



We believe God has shaped us to serve.  When we serve, we bless others; we are blessed; and we fulfill one of God’s purposes for our life. Being a part of God’s family means we are committed to serve together.  God has something for everyone to do in His family.  Whatever way we serve God, we do it with passion and excellence because we should always give our best for God. We are committed to creating service opportunities and helping people find areas to serve both in our congregation and in our community.

Please click on the link above to see how to truly become connected to the St. Mark Family through service.