Purpose of the position:

The Church Custodian has the responsibility for the appearance, maintenance, and security of the building and grounds, as well as the overall cleanliness of St Mark Baptist Church.

Reports to: The Pastor and Building and Maintenance Committee directly.


  • Dependable, responsible, and self-motivated. Must have regular timely attendance during stated or negotiated hours.
  • Possess excellent communication skills and a strong team player with the staff.
  • Ability to reach, bend, stoop, kneel, and stand for extended periods of time. Must have the ability to lift a minimum of 40 pounds and to have complete mobility in building and grounds activities.
  • High School Diploma or GED required.
  • Prior maintenance experience preferred. References also desirable.
  • Good organizational and planning skills.
  • Good knowledge of basic mechanical functions.
  • Ability to organize, coordinate, and schedule cleaning tasks for maximum efficiency.

General Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • The Custodian often represents the Church and great care should be taken to make a positive and professional appearance in all circumstances.
  • Police area daily for appearance, security, breakage or malfunctions. Empty trash as needed.
  • Put all garbage in appropriate containers.
  • Clean the janitor closets annually or more frequently if necessary.
  • Accommodate Weddings and Funerals as needed. Spot clean sanctuary and all public areas prior to use. 
  • Assist with set up for Fellowship Receptions or Special Events. 
  • The Baptismal Pool should be cleaned and disinfected when activities are completed.
  • Arrange for all fire extinguishers to be checked and charged as required to meet all safety inspections.
  • Custodian is responsible for keeping inventory of all cleaning or kitchen supplies and order/purchase when items are needed. Major purchases should be coordinated with the Building and Maintenance Chairman in conjunction with the Pastor.
  • Attend Staff meetings.
  • Change exterior sign as directed.
  • Perform other duties as required by the Pastor and the Building and Maintenance Committee... 


  • This position will be under the direction and authority of the Pastor and Building and Maintenance Committee.
  • The candidate will meet bi-annually with the Pastor and Building and Maintenance Committee to review goals, set expectations, evaluate performance, and suggest ways to improve.